Mutual Aid Kenya is a grassroots disaster (COVID-19) network based on the principles of solidarity, community, mutual aid and autonomous direct action.

Mutual Aid Kenya is a radical approach to disaster relief and to social movement organizing.  Mutual Aid Kenya, the organization and network, acknowledges organizational failures of Common Ground and seeks to learn from those mistakes, build on lessons learned from decades of community-led disaster response, and ensure that best practices, relationships, and resources are ready to be deployed to support communities impacted by future disasters.

Our national network is made up of social justice activists, global justice activists, community organizers, and others who are actively organizing around supporting disaster survivors in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity. It is a decentralized network, defined by the character and creativity of a multitude of communities and drawn together by our collective commitment to stand in solidarity with those impacted by disasters and turn the tide in favor of climate and transformative justice.

We build our network through education and action. Rooted in our history and experiences of social movement organizing we see our disaster relief work in the context of social struggle and believe that we must simultaneously address people’s immediate self-determined needs for survival and organize for fundamental shifts in the way we relate to each other and the earth.

2020 Goals

  1. Provide help and build community (sample goal).

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Community Agreement

We Keep Us Safe

The systems around us are not prepared to keep the most vulnerable safe in times of heightened crisis.

We take it upon ourselves to build networks of grassroots power...

...in order to ensure we are taken care of and have a vision for what collective power looks like going forward.

We agree that in these times we will be empathetic,

open about our needs and capacity, curious about what more can be done, and engage in solidarity for all members of our community.